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At our scheduled remote appointment, we will talk (at first, if accessible, with video feed via Facetime or Zoom)  about how we can work together on physical, emotional or spiritual issues and address your concerns. Then we will each go to our respective places of meditative space. You will lie down and be comfortable while we connect our energies. We will maintain audio connection at that time. I can give you feedback as we are working together. Patients find it incredibly relaxing and typically report feeling both grounded and lighter.

You need about an hour and a quiet, uninterrupted space.

Payment is by check, Venmo or credit card.

$150 per hour

$250 for two hours

609.953.8118 call or text



“Suzanne is a gifted and learned healer. She has an uncanny ability to perform right action for her clients. This is true of distance healing and in person healing. I am personally grateful for her work. I have seen her heal others with success. Suzanne is guided by the highest principles and senstivity. I trust her completely."


— Lisa Woodside, PhD, Shamanic practitioner

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